Fresh Ideas


JEM Fruits are involved in a long-term project with their growers in Costa Rica in crop utilization. Along with the crown and crown-less pineapple, Single strength pineapple juice is now programmed for various European Category managers. This is working alongside orange and pomegranate juice that will be exported from Costa Rica and South Africa respectively.


Fruit Pulps & Purees Products

JEM Fruits is sourcing Fruits Pulps and Purees from all over the globe which enables them to provide a supply of quality sourced Fruits Pulps & Purees to all processing customers in the UK and Europe.


Dried Fruit

Another key part in the program is dried fruit. JEM Fruits is in the process of setting up programs of dried pineapple rings/ chunks and crisps across Europe.



In exploring all avenues for the Pineapple crop, JEM Fruits are also working closely with one of their key growers who are preparing frozen chunks of Pineapple.

The factory is a high care operation and exporting strong volumes already to the States and other European countries. JEM Fruits are working alongside the grower to expand this business across Europe and the UK. Along with Pineapple other products are being trialed.