Direct Sourcing

JEM Fruits have built sustainable relationships with their grower base, enabling key long term strategic plans to be made.

For example, our designated growers in Costa Rica work in harmony with our dedicated people at Source.  JEM Fruits are exporting to various countries around the globe, crowned and crown-less pineapple. High quality fruit, JEM Fruit’s premium own brand available, as well as various packaging depending on our customer needs.  

With product available for juicing, dried, frozen, fresh cut and retail JEM Fruits works together with the growers in crop utilisation.

JEM Fruits also sources a wide range of products from South Africa.

Citrus being a key part of JEM Fruits procurement plan, we work closely with growers to help take all grades and sizes of product.

JEM Fruits has strong relationships with juicers / processors and top end retailers enabling to utilise the entire crop from growers not just the top end quality fruit.

Apples and Grapes also are an important part of JEM Fruits profile, servicing all areas of the UK and European market.



Instant Trade Options

With a dynamic and experienced team, JEM Fruits are a key player in the European trading market place.

The commercial ability to buy and sell across the whole of Europe strengthens their relationships with key category managers around the world.

A clear policy of being able to trade product across a network of partners enables the team to be at the forefront of a fast moving industry and offering a positive function on a day to day basis.

JEM Fruits motto of ‘produce problems solved expertly ‘is a real and essential part of what the JEM Group can offer.



Contracts and Programs

JEM Fruits is proud to have fixed contracts and programs, with various UK and European Category Managers.

On a wide range of products including pomegranates / citrus/ apples/ pineapple/ grapes.

We are keen to develop long-term relationships with customers, which enhances our philosophy to build strong and sustainable partnerships with our growers and customers.

Our products meet all the required technical accreditation and with our own staff at many sources we are able to offer help in getting growers up to the standards such as Field to Fork and Tesco nurture if needed.



Quality Assurance

All deliveries are temperature controlled maintaining the cold chain from source to client.

Dedicated technical and quality control personnel at source and UK ensuring all customer requirements are satisfied.

Our supply bases are all global gap certified as a minimum requirement, other accrediting sources are available for example Rain Forest Alliance, Tesco Nurture and others.


JEM Fruits are proud to be AB members of Sedex.